Anne McCallum

Anne McCallum is an artist living in Nug Nug, on Mogullumbidj land in North East Victoria. Working across textiles, sculpture, photography and video, she has exhibited at Centre of Contemporary Photography Melbourne; in World Cyanotype Day Exhibitions in Texas, New Orleans and Brisbane; at Kingston Arts; PSC Gallery Southbank; Brunswick St. Gallery and Head On Photo Festival Sydney. In 2020 Anne was an Artist in Residence Isle of Iona in Scotland.

Anne is currently finishing her Masters in Fine Art at RMIT University in Melbourne. Her focus on materiality creates a connection to origin and engages with natural cycles. She also works with meditative moving images to give a sense of duration to these hand woven abstract objects as they sit gently in the natural environment. Anne’s slow flowing video works allow for drifting in a dreamy manner amongst these artefacts – creating a meditation in nature. Anne’s works look at the connections formed by threads and how they leave a trace and a communication with what came before and what can come afterwards. Exploring the interconnectedness of everything and the relationship she has with the local environment.