Daniela d’Arielli

Image: Daniela d'Aielli

Daniela d’Arielli is a multidisciplinary artist based in Italy working in painting, photography and installation. Her research focuses on nature and reality, distortion and alteration, remembrance and memory investigated through the element water (or through different forms of the element water). After having spent a year at the Kent Institute of Art and Design (UK) in 2003 Daniela graduated in Painting at the Urbino Academy of Fine Arts. In 2015, she earned a specialization in photography from IED in Rome. She is currently professor of “Design of Color” at the ISIA Pescara Design. Since 2008 Daniela has worked as a photographer and art producer for Pollinaria, an organic farm and research organisation cultivating innovative, integrated work in the fields of art, agriculture and ecology located in Abruzzo, Italy.

Daniela is funded by the Instituto Italiano di Cultura – Melbourne