Between Two Sites

Above the Snow Line, Triptych 1 image 1 is from a photographic black and white series by Sarah Lynch. The photo is an archival inkjet print, di-bond mounted, and 118cm wide by 66 cm high. Image 1 is a mid-shot, from about waist height at 5 metres away, of 10 or more leafless snow gum trees standing spread from left to right behind a foreground of low-lying bushes and shrubs weighted with snow. Heavy fog ladens the top half of the image, accentuating the crispness of the bare snow gum trunks.
Sarah Lynch: Above the Snow Line: Triptych 1, image 1 - 2023


The Between Two Sites exhibition and public programs respond to the impact of human activity on habitats in the Yarra Ranges and Alpine Shire. Curated by Madelynne Cornish and Sarah Lynch for the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture. It showcases the artwork of Victorian and international artists who participated in the centre’s residency program. These artists have undertaken extensive fieldwork within the Yarra Ranges, Alpine National Park and Kiewa Valley. They have produced a new range of site-specific artworks that comprise a rich and diverse set of environmental references to deepen our understanding of these places. Artists have used audio-visual installation, photography and sound composition to reflect the ecology of these regions.

Artists: Anne McCallum, Madelynne Cornish, Sarah Lynch, Shannon Collis, Lesley Duxbury, Sarah Edwards &
Amias Hanley

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Burrinja Cultural Centre exhibition website

Dates + Times:

May 27 – July 1, 2023
Wednesday – Saturday
10am – 4pm

Madelynne Cornish: I Once Heard a Bird Sing - 2023 [image courtesy Jack Cornish]

Public Programs

Exhibition Launch: Saturday 27th of May @ 2pm [Book Now]
Between Two Sites ~ Artist Round Table: Sat, 3 Jun 2 to 4pm: [Book Now]
Twining Workshop ~ Presented by Anne McCallum: Sat, June 10, 1-3pm [Book Now]
Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve - An Immersive Listening Experience: Sat June 17, 1-2.30pm [Book Now]
Children’s Activities: Build a nest with Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater: Thurs, June 29th, 10.30 to 2.30pm [suitable for 3 -12 year olds]


Burrinja Cultural Centre
Wurundjeri Country,
351 Glenfern Rd,
Upwey, Victoria,
3158, Australia


Phone: (03) 9754 8723

Audio Described

Between Two Sites exhibition has been made accessible to blind and low vision communities through audio description available in audio and text formats on our dedicated website - Audio Described and via printed QR code posters displayed throughout the gallery at Burrinja.

Please go to - Audio Described to learn more about how to use the site, including accessibility at Burrinja, and to access the complete index of audio described works, or the following shortcuts below:

Ecotone: Anne McCallum
I Once Heard a Bird Sing: Madelynne Cornish
Above the Snow Line triptych 1: Sarah Lynch
Above the Snow Line triptych 2: Sarah Lynch
Kiewa: Shannon Leah Collis
Look Both Ways no1: Lesley Duxbury
Untitled 1 - 6: Lesley Duxbury
Between Heaven and Earth: Sarah Edwards
Ground Cover: Sarah Edwards
Junction Re-Sonant: Amias Hanley

Audio Description is a key access tool enabling people who are blind, or have low vision to equitably access arts and culture and can also benefit people with multisensory and learning disabilities, neurodiversity and Autism.

Audio description has been provided by Vitae Veritas a major provider of high quality audio description and tactile tour services for the performing and visual arts creative industries across metro and regional Victoria.